Children's rights behind bars 2.0

Promoting children's participation for a positive social reintegration of children deprived of liberty

This project is the follow up of two EU funded succesfully implemented projects: “Children’s rights behind bars – CRBB – Improving monitoring mechanisms” that has produced the first Practical Guide on monitoring places where children are deprived of their liberty, based on 14 national research reports and a strong collaboration with the Council of Europe, in particular its Committee on Prevention of Torture (CPT) and other UN bodies (like the SPT) and  "Twelve - Promoting the implementation of Article 12 of the CRC in the juvenile justice system" that has produced a Handbook - “Children’s right to participation and the juvenile justice system - theory & practices for implementation” - based on national reports as well as an European training module aimed at enhancing participation of children in conflict with the law.

The project specific objectives and related activities are:

1) To improve detention conditions of children through training of monitoring bodies and professionals

A set of trainings involving monitoring bodies at national and regional level will be implemented with a view to enhance collaboration between monitoring bodies in the partner countries. The practical guide developed in the first phase of the project will be translated in partners' languages, printed and disseminated. Furthermore, capacity building laboratories with professionals will be implemented in 2/3 detention place of each country in order to draft and test a self assessment tool developed on the basis of children's rights and of the Guide.

2) To enhance protection of children deprived of liberty by promoting effective participation in monitoring detention conditions

Two pilot projects will be developed in the 4 countries foreseeing detained children' active participation in monitoring of places for deprivation of liberty where they will be asked to suggest possible improvements by using different participatory methodologies such as photo, video, drawing, theather, focus groups,...

3) To foster collaboration of services involved in reintegration

Focus groups with stakeholders involved in reintegration process of juveniles, as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, social workers will be organized in the 4 countries in order to set up or improve reintegration schemes and draft protocoles for better cooperation. 

4) To assess the added value of actions and changes produced by the project's actions 

The project involves data-collection in the four countries and an external evaluation of the project. In each contry national reports will be prepared as well as a translational report of the whole project to be disseminated at EU level. 

Children's Rights Behind Bars is co-funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Union and involves the following organizations: 

Defence for Children international - Belgium (Coordinator)

Defence for Children International - Italy

Juvenile and Community Justice Department of Italian Ministry of Justice - Italy

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights - Poland 

The Howard League for social reform - United Kingdom 

DCI World Service

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