ELUCE Project

"Enhancing the Level of UASC protection through an effective guardianship system in Sicily": a pilot project to train citizens in Sicily

The Regional Ombudsman for Children of the Sicilia Region, with the technical support of Defence for Children Italia and funding of UNHCR will promote in Sicily a pilot project that aims at contributing to the improvement and the standardization of the guardianship system for unaccompanied minors in Sicily through a region-wide training process. The initiative will be implemented in close cooperation and coordination with the Regional Ombudsman for Children in Sicily, UNHCR and the National Council of Social Workers (CNOAS) as well as with the judicial authority (Ordinary-Juvenile Courts) and the Municipal Ombudsperson in Palermo, consistent with the recently approved law 47/2017 “Measures of protection for unaccompanied migrant children”.

This project is a pilot that aims to provide possible models and good practices for future initiatives related to the implementation of the guardianship provisions under the national law throughout the country, in order to ensure appropriate standardization, complementarity, comparability, and sustainability. Given the significant percentage of unaccompanied children present in Sicily, the experience with this project is expected to produce evidence, methodologies, models and tools that could be replicated in other regions during the current crucial phase of translating the new law into appropriate policies and practices across the Italian territory. The project will further aim to promote the effective implementation of the new law in practice, in compliance with the standards and recommendations on guardianship available from the level of the European Union and internationally, and to orient guardianship practices guided by the best interests of the child, together with the system of principles and provisions under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The project objective will be achieved through the following activities:

1. Assessment and analysis: update the quantitative and qualitative assessment of relevant aspects related to guardianship services in the 9 provinces of the Region clustered according to the 4 regional court districts, including a mapping of the main actors and ongoing initiatives (June-September 2017).

2. Capacity development: Building on the initial analysis and consultation process described above, Defence for Children will also support the Regional Ombudsman in the complex task of defining selection criteria and then in selecting and recruiting trainers and volunteer guardians. The project will aim to involve trainers who already belong to Sicilian institutions, as this will promote sustainability. Once trainers have been selected, the project will work to enhance, standardize and harmonize capacities and competences of guardian’s trainers and guardians through a training cascade process involving a module for the training of trainers from all the provinces of the region (September 2017) as well as six pilot training courses for guardians coordinated with the local authorities and the social services in selected areas (October – December 2017).

Furthermore, an orientation and dissemination component is foreseen: Develop a set of regional guidelines in close cooperation with the Regional Ombudsman for Children for the training, the supervision and the monitoring of guardians in Sicily in order to orient policy and strategy development (October-December 2017).

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