ASOP4G - Standard operating procedures for guardians

An alliance to promote the rights of children on the move 

  The project "ASOP4G - Alliance for Children on the Move - Standard Operating Procedures for Guardians" has started in January 2018.

The project's main goal, in particular in Italy, is to support the process of implementation of Law 47/2017, in particular concerning training for guardians. 


The main activities are:

- an event to launch the project, where key actors on guardianship in Italy will participate  
- an assessment phase, involving children on the move and guardians in a set of interviews and focus groups
- a training process for citizens who want to become guardians (80-100 people) on the basis of the training model developed in the past months
- a 3 days-training course for professionals who want to become trainers for guardians (10-15 people)
- a set of events to inform and raise awareness on guardianship involving professionals working with children on the move 
- a set of event to inform and train university students 
- an international conference in Athens
- set up and dissemination of the project website

 In the framework of the project,with the aim of improving guardianship system, a set of tools to better define the role and functions of the guardian will be developed: 

- needs assessment report
- a manual on operational procedures for guardians 
- a training module and a manual for trainers of guardians (developed in consultation with key actors, included children on the move)
- a brochure for children on the move containing information on the role of the guardian, translated in different languages 
- information materials for guardians.

In the framework of the project, lasting 24 months, Defence for Children Italy has set up a protocol agreement with Regione Liguria, to sustain project activities implementation. This cooperation is an important opportunity to build on existing cooperation, reinforcing its scope and impact at regional level and, at the same time, considering this region as a pilot experience to inform national practices. 


Institute of Child Health - Greece (coordinator)

Defence for Children International - Italy

University of Nicosia (UNic) - Cyprus

Kazimieras Simonavicius University (KSU) - Lithuania

Other stakeholders: Ministry of Labour, Social Security & Social Solidarity General Secretariat of Welfare, National Center for Social Solidarity (NCSS or EKKA) - Greece; Ministero della Giustizia, Dipartimento Giustizia Minorile e di Comunita’ Ufficio IV del Capo Dipartimento Studi, ricerche e attività internazionali Centro Europeo di Studi di Nisida (NA) - Italy; Ministry of Interior, Asylum Service, Ministry of Interior Civil Registry and Migration Department - Cyprus; Office of the Ombudsperson for Children’s Rights - Lithuania


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