Fairy Tales

The Hidden gender messages in fairy tales – Let’s read the fairy tales up-side down

The Project has duration 24 months and will be implemented in three EU Member States – Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. Its main objective  is preventing gender-based violence by disputing gender stereotypes from an early childhood in the EU. A gender analysis of 9 classical fairy tales for children will be implemented. 180 teachers from childcares for preschoolers from three EU countries will be trained about introducing the gender issues in pre-school children’s education (5-7 years old), using classical fairy tales.

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The educators will acquire knowledge and skills to help children develop critical thinking about the gender roles and socialnorms which raises gender inequality. Experimentally 250 school-preschool children /5-7 years and their parents from the three EU countries will be involved to increase their understanding and sensitivity on the subject of gender equality. A methodology, a practical guide and an online platform for distance-training of children’s teachers for gender education of school and pre-school children through classical fairy tales will be produced and disseminated across the EU.

Direct beneficieries from the project will be 250 children at the age from 5 to 7 years old, from three EU Member states, their parents and 180 kindergarten teachers, preschool teachers, sport-trainers, teachers of free/informal activities, children mentors from three EU countries.

Indirect beneficieries from the project will be kindergarten teachers and professionals, who work with children from the whole EU.

As a result from the project will be created model for gender education of children, which aims to prepare the children froman early age to build strong relationships for overcoming the gender stereotype.

2013 | ® Defence for Children International Italia

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