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Defence for Children Italia, is an official member of the International Social Service (ISS) since 2018, and has a number of caseworkers who manage referrals on a voluntary basis. As we do not receive any public or private funding for this activity, in order to face case management costs and costs incurred by overseas counterparts, we ask the organisations that are interested in the service for a contribution to the association’s current account. 

The ISS is a worldwide network made up of non-governmental and governmental agencies. It promotes connections between social services and judicial authorities in different countries to provide support and guidance to children and their families who, following voluntary or forced migration due to social causes, have been separated or live in poverty or difficult conditions which require cross-border intervention. 

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Defence for Children International - Italia

Sede legale e sociale: Piazza Don Andrea Gallo 5-6-7 R - 16124 Genova 
Sede operativa: Via Bellucci 4-6 - 16124 Genova


Tel.010 0899050 Fax 010 0899051
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Defence for Children international Italia
Sede legale e sociale: Piazza Don Andrea Gallo 5-6-7 R - 16124 Genova
Sede operativa: Via Bellucci 4-6, 16124 Genova
010 0899050