Competences of adults and adulthood

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Competences of adults and adulthood
APP 12: Competences of adults and adulthood

If enlarged to a systemic dimension, the principles and provisions of the Convention are loudly questioning what are the competences of the adults and the adults’ world which are necessary to translate the CRC into reality.

It is very difficult indeed to consider the applicability of the CRC without trying to determine human, professional and civic characteristics that are necessary among adults to provide some credibility to the project sketched by children’s rights. Given our capacity building purposes this is probably a difficult but unavoidable dimension.

If considered under this light, children’s rights could indicate the opportunity to shape and define our way to be adult. This is for sure another opportunity provided by the Convention. 

There is a specular exercise where participants are asked to figure out what would be the features of an adult world which becomes functional to the actual realisation of children’s rights. It is a complicated question since it involves a reflection that shifts from children to ourselves. The response to this question could indicate ethical, human but also professional features that could connect with our responsibilities as a key dimension to enact the ambitious objectives of the CRC.

This analysis could be very specific throughout all the article of the Convention and could solicit a process where children’s rights are not anymore just an external discipline or an objective set of important issues but something that connects with our biography and adulthood as persons, citizens and professionals. What does the Convention have to do with me? With my work? With my role in society? If we could contribute to responding these questions it will be a successful and useful experience. 


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