War, conflict and the “CRCland”

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War, conflict and the “CRCland”
APP 9: War, conflict and the "CRCland"

Our project aims at promoting the values, principles and provisions of the CRC in a moment where our planet is severely affected by violence, conflicts and war. We believe that we cannot avoid to consider this scary context if our attempt is to convey what the CRC is proposing.

If we try to conceive a world where CRC principles and provisions are respected and applied for sure we would visualise a very different scenario from what we can see on the news every day. A world where everybody has the opportunity to develop his/her life, where diversities are appreciated and perceived as resources, where the core interests are strictly connected with persons and mankind, where creativity and progress are not just determined by economic interests, where conflict and disputes are solved through wisdom, dialogue and human intelligence, where the ecosystem is considered as a capital to be preserved and nurtured by everybody... and many other things.

We think that if we want to promote a human rights based culture and approach this kind of visualisation is very important for us as well as for the people who will attend our training. Without this Utopia the risk is to miss the vision and the core value that generated the 1948 Declaration and, by consequence, the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The world and the vision proposed by the CRC is a non-violent one, is against war, is a world that cares for all his inhabitants. Although far from reality, this aspiration has to be the atmosphere that we want to create around the Convention. If ew are unable to connect in some way with this vision it would be very difficult to transfer the meaning and the direction of what we are proposing.

According to our perspective assuming the CRC as a reference implies an attempt to position oneself culturally, politically, existentially. Of course we are not talking about the Convention as an ideology or a wonderland but as a map that could help us in exploring and discovering new territories through our active and well positioned critical citizenship. 

Our suggestion would certainly be, to experiment this collective dream. Please consider that without this dream the 1948 Declaration and the CRC would not have existed at all since it is this very dream which represents the cultural context of human rights values and principles.Of course each person has to decide how much they are available to dedicate in his or her concrete life to this dream.


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