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Why donate to Defence for Children Italia

We have always been independent, and we are recognised for this at international level. We never sacrifice our principles to source adequate funding to develop our activities. This includes promoting communication, fundraising, and partnerships that are coherent with the ethical foundations of our organisation. This is why individual donations are extremely important for us.


Who finances Defence for Children Italia

80% of our projects are co-financed by the European Union and for the remaining 20% we rely on individual donations. We beive that ensuring our complete independence and freedom to promote the advocacy actions is a matter of priority to protect and promote the rights of children and openly report responsibilities and violations when necessary.


How to donate

Here below, you can make a one-off donation, or if you believe in our mission, you can support us with a recurring donation! For you it’s a small deed, for us it’s an important one. You decide how much and how!

DONATION WITH PAYPAL OR CREDIT CARD is the simplest and most secure way and you can donate in over 25 currencies, and with a number of credit cards or pre-paid cards. 

CASH DONATION is the most immediate way to support us, you can make a transfer directly by cash or bank/postal wire.

This site is 100% secure. All transactions are SSL-encrypted.  For any questions or information on donations, get in touch with us at:


Your donation allows us to remain independent and defend and promote children's rights

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Defence for Children international Italia
Sede legale e sociale: Piazza Don Andrea Gallo 5-6-7 R - 16124 Genova
Sede operativa: Via Bellucci 4-6, 16124 Genova
010 0899050