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Child Safeguarding Policies
What is a child safeguarding policy?

A child safeguarding policy provides a set of directives and guidelines for implementation at the organizational and staff management levels. These promote the highest standards of personal and professional behavior and practices for creating safe environments and preventing harm from occurring to children during their involvement in activities, projects, or programs.

Why adopt a child safeguarding policy?

The development of a child safeguarding policy is an opportunity for any entity to align its strategy and programming with its organizational mission.

This tool protects both children and staff by clearly defining the actions needed to keep children safe and ensuring behavioral consistency and more transparent processes for all. When adopting a safeguarding policy, the organization will work to minimize risks and address concerns and incidents appropriately when they arise. Internationally, numerous entities are required to adopt a child safeguarding policy to access funding calls and initiatives. In fact, adopting a child safeguarding policy is indicative of the organization’s commitment to the youngest generation and a tool through which institutions and agencies can consolidate and strengthen the degree of trust of the citizenry.

How do we do this?

The adoption of a Child Safeguarding Policy that is aligned with the organizational purpose and mission and considers the expertise of its practitioners and the age of the children within its orbit is essential to its successful implementation. 

In light of its proven experience, DCI Italia supports entities through awareness-raising and training and assists with drafting the Child Safeguarding Policy to arrive at a final actionable document.

The main actions are:

  • Raising awareness among the practitioners involved in the issue of violence and abuse on the need for adopting clear procedures to identify, report and respond to suspicions and/or concerns and on the risks related to their work and the best strategies to eliminate, minimize, and/or mitigate those risks.
  • Sharing a child rights-based approach and translating it into a child protection and welfare policy aligned to its operations and national and international standards.
  • Reviewing existing internal practices and procedures through a lens of prevention, protection and response.
  • Sharing a clear structure and operational plan for the entity to build a child protection and welfare policy aligned to its organizational structure and processes in the context in which it operates.
DCI Italia’s Specific Experience

In 2018, DCI Italia dedicated itself to revising and broadening its child safeguarding policy. Following an in-depth study of the main international references, DCI Italy began a process to support entities interested in developing a child safeguarding and protection policy, unique to their organizational structure, that builds on international standards and follows a child rights-centered approach.

To date, DCI Italia has supported various organizations ranging across measures. In 2018, the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana - Workcentre of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards - requested DCI Italia’s support to develop a proactive Child Safeguarding and Wellbeing Policy directed at increasing the levels of safeguarding and protection of children and adolescents to prevent, address and manage possible violations and abuse of children.

In 2019, DCI Italia also worked with the Region of Liguria to draft and submit a proposal for a regional law to make the adoption of an internationally aligned Safeguarding Policy that defines mandatory standards obligatory for entities that work with and for youth.

In 2020, DCI Italia helped to define the International Standards for the Promotion and Safeguarding of Children’s Rights of the International Social Service. This document will be applied in more than 120 sections globally.

Also in 2020, DCI Italia provided training to the staff of the Vicorosa and Pollicino Nursery to support a path for the development of a Safeguarding and Child Wellbeing Policy. Since 2021, DCI Italia has integrated and managed Defence for Children International’s working group on Child Safeguarding helping other sections of the movement to adopt and implement child safeguarding and wellbeing procedures. Additionally, Defence for Children Italia was selected by the Con i Bambini Foundation to incorporate a list of expert bodies on Child Safeguarding. It has initiated training and policy development in safeguarding and well-being of several national entities in this framework.

In addition to providing a model on the processes to develop and adopt an appropriate Child Safeguarding Policy and subsequent procedures, DCI Italia can provide its subject matter expertise and guidance. DCI Italia can also assist through training practitioners and advocating for regional and national legislation on child safeguarding.

DCI Italia offers two pathways to support the entity throughout the Child Safeguarding Policy development process to define, develop, and shape it according to the philosophy and context in which the entity operates.

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