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A socio-legal support unit for children on the move

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Child Rights Help Desk

In 2019 Defence for Children Italia created the Child Rights Help Desk, a socio-legal support unit for children on the move, with a coordinated set of actions on various levels.

Project Duration

November 2019 - March 2022


The Child Rights Help Desk intends to develop an independent observatory to verify the state of implementation of guarantees and rights of children on the move through guidance, assistance, analysis, monitoring, training and awareness raising activities and through a constant dialogue with civil society and institutional and non-institutional actors working in this field.


Resources (in Italian)

In Italy, the Child Rights Help Desk is a social-legal reference point for unaccompanied minors by:

  • Offering experience and expertise for any request for socio-legal assistance made directly by a foreign unaccompanied child or through their guardian or a professional;
  • Taking an active role by contacting institutions, emergency services and other experts, including lawyers specialised in migration and juvenile law;
  • Collaborating in a network with the Regional and National Ombudsmen for Children in order to fully implement the rights of unaccompanied children;
  • Organising information and training sessions for guardians, professionals and practitioners on issues that are particularly critical or controversial and on the implementation of the Italian Law 47/2017;
  • Monitoring the situation of unaccompanied children, the practices related to them, the state of implementation of Law 47/2017 at local, regional and national levels, in collaboration with other relevant actors, promoting judicial actions also before the European Court of Human Rights and/or the EU Court of Justice;
  • Reporting to the relevant institutional actors the practices that deviate from the provisions of Law 47/2017 and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and developing specific recommendations addressed to institutional stakeholders. 
Partners and Collaborations 

Defence for Children International Netherlands

Defence for Children International Italy

The initiative is part of a wider European project, promoted by Defence for Children Netherlands, which has created a European platform, called European Child Rights Helpdesk, which brings together non-governmental organisations from various countries (currently The Netherlands, Greece and Italy) that provide social and legal assistance to unaccompanied children on the move and aims to protect and actively promote their rights and to strengthen the knowledge and implementation of international, European and national law by institutional actors, professionals and practitioners.

Cofinance a Project
Cofinance a Project

Child Rights Help Desk

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Project deadline: 31 March 2022

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