Reinforcing the rights of children accused or under investigation in criminal proceedings

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CREW was jointly conceived as a national project by DCI Italy and the Italian Ministry of Justice as a follow up to the previous EU project called “My Lawyer, My Rights”, with the aim of supporting the implementation of EU Directive 800/2016 in Italy.

The scope is to achieve that all children involved in criminal proceedings as accused or suspect persons have access to a child-friendly juvenile justice system that considers their individual needs and conditions to determine tailored measures aimed at their positive and harmonic personal development within society.




Duration of the Project

May 2020 - May 2022


Contribute to harmonising juvenile justice practices in the 29 Italian judicial districts according to the child-friendly justice principles;

Systemise individual assessments through the development of a national methodology;

Build the capacity and raise the awareness of professionals involved in the individual assessment.



1. Management and coordination

2. National harmonisation process

  • Inter-agency working group meetings
  • National questionnaire survey
  • Data Collection and analysis
  • Policy paper development
  • Monitoring checklist

Main achievements: Relevant data collected; Judicial practices harmonised.

3. Systematisation of individual assessments

  • Exchange and study visit in another EU MS
  • 3 seminars with practitioners
  • Consultation with children involved in criminal proceedings
  • National individual assessment methodology (Booklet)

Main achievements: Individual assessment methodology available to judicial and other practitioners; Views and experiences of children taken into full account.

4. Capacity building and awareness-raising

  • MeetUps
  • National presentation
  • Final EU seminar in collaboration with the European Network of CFJ – DEI Belgium
  • Executive summary of the methodology
  • Promotion and dissemination of the deliverables elaborated, including a short video

Main achievements: Capacities and awareness of judicial and other practitioners enhanced; National methodology promoted for its use.


Partners and Collaborations


• DCI Italy (coordinator)

• Italian Ministry of Justice – Department of Juvenile and Community Justice (partner)

Associate partners:

• Child-friendly Justice Network - DCI Belgio (BE)

• CNOAS – Coordinamento Nazionale dell’Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali (IT)

• ECBA – European Criminal Bar Association (UK)

• IAYFJM - International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates

• UNCM - Unione Nazionale Camere Minorili (IT)

Cofinance a Project
Cofinance a Project


We have collected 32.415,00€ / 32.415,00€
Project deadline: 31 January 2023

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