Mentoring for young people who have just turned 18

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Social integration initiatives building around active citizenship are needed and are conducive to efficient, sustainable, responsible and inclusive social models. Tailor made responses to support the integration of the youngest generations coming from other countries are an essential investment to guarantee long-term successful results and durable solutions. 


Duration of the Project

December 2018 - May 2022


Re-Generations aims at improving the support to young third-country nationals aged 18-21 by strengthening the presence of volunteer citizens (individual or groups) who accompany them in their integration process through mentoring programmes. The implementation of mentoring models will have direct impact on the young third-country nationals’ lives in relation to these key dimensions and policy areas: employment, education, social inclusion and active citizenship.

  • Capacity building through training and support sessions to mentors and mentees;
  • Exchanges through active participation in the framework of open thematic events designed by Organising Committees involving young people and local community members;
  • Inter-agency cooperation through meetings with all the local actors involved in integration;
  • Supervision and transfer of knowledge through transnational and national study visits and EU event. 
Partners and Collaborations

Defence for Children International  - Italy (Coordinator)

ARSIS – Partner in Greece

Punt de Referència – Partner in Spain

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Sede legale e sociale: Piazza Don Andrea Gallo 5-6-7 R - 16124 Genova
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