Memoir - Thoughts and experiences from Re-generations mentoring

Memoir - Thoughts and experiences from Re-generations mentoring | | Immigrazione Tema | Portale Immigrazione Permesso di Soggiorno | Immigrazione in Italia 2021

Memoir - Thoughts and experiences from Re-generations mentoring

The Re-Generations project stems from the need to strengthen mechanisms for the social inclusion of the younger generation of migrants after the age of 18, through the involvement of the local community that welcomes them in the paths of reception from a young age. The involvement and support of members of the civil society who become “mentors”, i.e., reference points for these young people and bridges the gap between them and the community, becomes an important element of inclusion and enhancement of skills, stories and experiences of these young people.

This memoir is a middle ground between a narration about an experience and a guide for mentoring action. It attempts to propose a possible reflection aimed at disseminating a culture of meaningful relationships: relationships between generations, cultures, citizenships, genders, contexts, stories, under a Human Rights-based paradigm. This work must be read in relation to the context in which it is framed: mentoring addressed to young boys and girls coming from foreign countries and leaving the child protection care system. At the same time, it proposes considerations that aspire to go beyond this specific case and be therefore applicable to all kinds of mentoring relationships.


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